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Five Car Insurance Myths Debunked

Car insurance can be confusing, especially with the amount of misinformation circulating the topic. Falling for the misconceptions out there can lead to costly consequences. Let’s examine five of the most common myths surrounding car insurance and uncover the truths behind them. 1. Color determines the price of car insurance. Many believe that having a

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man driving boat on lake

Protect Yourself This Lake Season With Boating Insurance

As the weather heats up, you may be gearing up to visit the lake for some summer fun. Whether your boating trip is an action-packed adventure, or a simple relaxing get away, you may want to consider protecting yourself and your family with boating insurance this lake season. Insurance Policy Based on Type and Size

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tree with branches and green leaves

Fallen Trees & Insurance – Are You Covered?

Are You Insured from Damage Caused by Fallen Trees? Trees can cause serious damage to properties, but what do you do when that occurs? After a storm, trees, branches, and other debris can be hurtled through the air at high speeds, making for very dangerous projectiles. Whether it be from a tornado, windstorm, or other

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man and woman carrying moving boxes into apartment

Renters Insurance 101

Whether you’re buying or renting, insurance should be at the top of your to-do list when it comes to settling into your living space. When moving into an apartment, condo, or temporary house, it is easy to think that since your landlord has insurance on the building, you are covered. However, it’s a bit more

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35 speed limit sign on highway

How Does a Speeding Ticket Affect My Car Insurance?

Getting pulled over after speeding can lead to the instant stress and worry of, “What is this going to cost me?” The obvious answer will come in the form of a speeding ticket. An added cost that sneaks up on people, though, is the increase in your insurance afterward. After being convicted of a speeding

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Bundling Your Home & Auto Insurance in the New Year

The new year brings new opportunities as well as uncertainties. That is why insurance is so important. If you feel burnt out from your multiple insurance plans, it may be time for you to consider bundling your home and auto insurance in 2022. Bundling is more than just throwing on a scarf in this winter weather;

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