Leon Corlew Park & Splash Pad

If you’re visiting Edwardsville during the summer time months, you might be looking for a place to take your kids to a place where they can enjoy the outdoors and stay cool at the same time. Leon Corlew Park & Splash Pad can provide that not only because it is a park with all the features that entails, but it also has a splash pad perfect for giving a reprieve from the heat to playing children.

The city of Edwardsville Parks & Recreation department is proud to provide the community with an addition to Leon Corlew Park that is guaranteed to make any trip over there worth it. The Splash Pad is impressive in its size and the amount of activities that are available for children to enjoy on their visit to the park. The Splash Pad boasts a variety of sprinklers and other water fixtures with varying intensity. This rangers all the way from gentle bubblers on one side of the Splash Pad to a large dumping bucket on the other end. This play area is a great way for kids to have fun in the sun without the fear of getting overheated.

But the Splash Pad is only one feature present at Leon Corlew Park. The park also features a dry playground right next to the Splash Pad featuring both a toddler structure and a bigger kid structure. The park is also home to a fitness trail, two pavilions, and a restroom. Meaning there’s more than enough activity for a full day of play for parents and children alike. The Splash Pad provides a great opportunity for kids to meet other kids and for parents to introduce their children to an active means of play.

The Leon Corlew Park & Splash pad is a fine example of how the city of Edwardsville provides unique and exciting means of recreation for the surrounding community. It’s a must visit for anyone with children who is in the Edwardsville Area and wants to give their kids a water park experience without the cost of a water park. You can learn more about Leon Corlew Park & Splash Pad by following the link here https://www.riversandroutes.com/listing/leon-corlew-park-%26-splash-pad/16331/.

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