Leclaire Park

Are you looking for a park experience at a historical district in the city of Edwardsville, IL? Then the Leclaire Park might be something you will want to check out. The Edwardsville Parks and Recreation Department prides itself on providing unique and comprehensive park experience for people in Edwardsville and the surrounding community, and Airplane Park is no exception to this rule. This park has become a great asset of the community due to its sheer beauty and the fascinating history of the surrounding area.

The Leclaire National Historic District is a 19th century neighborhood located in the heart of Edwardsville and is home to many historic homes and other attractions. But one of the main points of beauty and fascination located in this historical district is Leclaire Park. This 5 acre park provides gorgeous scenery to anyone who decides to visit it and the park is a must see for anyone who is visiting the district and want to take a breather and experience the majesty of nature right in the heart of the city.

Leclaire Park is one of the oldest parks in the city of Edwardsville and it is mainly known for its most striking feature. Leclaire Park is the home of Leclaire Lake, this man made body of water is the center of recreation in the park and the lively atmosphere it provides has made it a favorite of Edwardsville residents. The lake is home to pavilions that are known to hold band concerts and other events as the serene park provides the perfect backdrop for an afternoon outing.

Leclaire Park has been a mainstay in the Leclaire National Historic District for quite some time and it remains this way through renovation and the support of the community. If you ever find yourself in the district, it can become the perfect respite for the hustle of everyday life and a place where you can calm your mind and really take in the beauty of the scenery. To learn more about Leclaire Park, you can follow this link at http://www.historic-leclaire.org/leclaire-lake.

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