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What Does a Landlord Insurance Policy Cover?​

If you own a rental property or multiple properties, then you need to protect yourself with landlord insurance. This type of insurance provides you with protection against damage from a storm or fire or if a tenant gets injured on your property. Typically, a standard landlord insurance policy includes two types of coverage: property protection and liability protection. At Hosto Financial, our team can help you navigate both types of protection. 

Landlord Property Protection​

This type of protection covers physical damage that occurs to the rental home or rental property, including damage caused by:

  • Lightning
  • Wind
  • Hail
  • Fire
  • Earthquake
  • Break-In
  • Vandalism

Property protection not only covers the dwelling, but also additional structures, such as a tool shed, detached car garage or fence. We typically encourage our landlord clients to choose a policy that provides replacement cost versus actual cash value because many rental properties include dated fixtures and/or furniture.

Landlord Liability Protection

Accidents happen and liability insurance is the portion of the policy that protects you if a tenant or guest is hurt on your rental property. For example, if a person fell on an icy sidewalk or tripped down the stairs, this would help cover the injured person’s medical costs as well as any legal fees or settlements. Typically, you are not responsible for paying a deductible for a liability claim.

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Additional Landlord Insurance Coverages

While these extra coverages are option, you might want to consider adding them onto your landlord policy. Depending on the location and condition of your rental(s), these coverages could help you save money in the long run:

  • Loss of Rental Income Insurance: This would reimburse you the rent money lost if damage to your rental kept you from renting your property out or if the tenants had to leave due to the significant damage. 
  • Flood Insurance: If your rental property resides in an area with frequent flooding, then you may want to invest in this insurance to cover the cost of damages related to city plumbing issues and/or natural disasters.
  • Guaranteed Income Insurance: This would cover you if a tenant didn’t pay his or her rent one month.
  • Emergency Coverage: If a tenant has an emergency and should need you to come to the property immediately, this would cover some or in some instances all of the travel costs and expenses to resolve the issue. An example of this could be a water leak. 

If you are unsure of what additional coverage you may need for your landlord insurance policy, we’ve got you covered. We can review your rental property and help you decide what level of coverage makes the most sense. 

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