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How Do I Find Out Which Homeowners Insurance Company is Right for Me?

Picking an insurance company to cover your home can be quite a big decision to make, but by choosing the right company, you can rest with the peace of mind that your house has been fully covered. However, many people pick their insurance company based on the price of their premiums, often opting for the cheapest option. While price is an important factor, you would need to dive deeper to make the best decision. By comparing what different companies have to offer, you can ensure that all your needs are covered, and your claim will be resolved if anything happens to your home.  

Comparing Coverages From A Homeowners Insurance Company

Before settling on a homeowners insurance company, you should make sure that you know exactly what they would cover if any damage comes to your house. While it is not always the case, the main rule of thumb is that the cheaper the premiums, the fewer things are covered. When you are shopping for insurance companies, you want to compare the level of coverage as well as the level of exclusions, which are the things that you are not being insured for. Here are some of the most common types of coverage to look out for:

Dwelling Coverage:

Companies that offer this coverage will help to repair or rebuild the physical structure of your home if there is ever any damage. 

Personal Property Coverage:

Companies offering this coverage will help protect any of your personal belongings such as clothes, food, electronics, etc. You may want to dive deeper at the terms for this type of coverage as some insurance companies may not cover items under certain conditions. For Example, items taken outside of the home may not be included under personal property coverage. 

Liability Coverage:

liability coverageIf a guest is injured at your home and you are found liable, then you may have to foot the medical or legal costs. Companies that offer this coverage may help in relieving those expenses.  

Other Structures Coverage:

This will include structures that are not necessarily attached to your house but are still considered part of your property, such as fences and sheds.  

Comparing Deductibles

The deductible is a fixed amount that you will pay before your insurer will begin processing your claim. Certain companies offer policies with cheaper premiums but higher deductibles. If your property is to ever undergo any damage, then you would have to be prepared to pay that deductible. If you do not, the insurance company will have a right to not process your claim. Before picking a homeowners insurance company, make sure that you will be comfortable paying any of the deductibles that they offer. 

Comparing Limits

comparing deductiblesBefore selecting a company, then you must also be aware of the limits on each coverage. Most insurance companies have a maximum payout for any covered loss. For Example, if there is a fire in your home, then your homeowners insurance company will only be liable to pay out the agreed amount that would have been stated in your dwelling coverage agreement. 

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Understanding the basic types of home insurance is critical to making any home insurance decision. Once you understand the different coverage levels and policy add-ons, you can begin to determine what your needs and desires are when making your homeowners insurance company decision. 

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