Edwardsville Children’s Museum

If you’re looking for a place to take your children that can instill within them the spark of imagination, then you should consider taking a visit to the Edwardsville Children’s Museum. Opened in 2003, this museum is dedicated to stimulate curiosity and cultivate learning with exhibits and programs dedicated to children from infancy to age 12. They do this through their mission statement of serving the needs of children by providing programs and entertainment that stimulates curiosity and promotes learning.

The museum is a community run by a board of directors dedicated to creating an experience that all children can enjoy. And adults can enjoy watching their children learn and grow in a beautiful and safe environment. The museum includes fascinating and interactive exhibits such as the Market, Discovery Garden, Art Studio, Hawthorne Animal Hospital, and so much more. These exhibits are designed to teach children about how the world works and how they can use their individual ideas and creativity to discover new things every day.

The Edwardsville Children’s Museum also provides learning programs and other events that can fit your child’s need to learn and grow. This includes classes and social outings such as baby sign language, preschool playgroup, and story outings. But the museum also offers opportunities for other events to take place on the grounds such as birthday parties and girl scout workshops. The museum is a great place to experience these events because it’s a place tailored specifically to the needs of children.

The Edwardsville Children’s Museum has thrived through the support of the local community. When it became close to shutting its doors in 2014, it was through local donations that the museum was able to stay open. The museum continues to operate today with the same values it was founded on and it will remain as a vital part of the Edwardsville community for years to come. If you’re interested in what a visit to the Edwardsville Children’s Museum can do for a growing mind, you can visit their website at https://edwardsvillechildrensmuseum.org/ to learn about planning your visit.

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