1820 Colonel Benjamin Stephenson House

Are you looking for something historical and educational to do near St. Louis that you might not know about? Then you can plan a visit to the 1820 Colonel Benjamin Stephenson House. Located in Edwardsville, IL, this is an important landmark that links the history of Edwardsville to the early days of the state of Illinois. The Benjamin Stephenson House stands as a living museum dedicated to shedding a light on the social, political, cultural, and architectural history of Illinois with a first hand look at what it was like for the people who resided in the home.

Benjamin Stevenson was one of the founders of Edwardsville and played an important role in the emergency of Illinois from a “territory” to a state in 1818. The two story Federal Style house was built in 1820 by skilled craftsmen using native materials. It is considered the oldest brick home in Madison County and it is among only a handful of homes that were built during the first quarter of the 19th century that still remain standing in Illinois.

The home has been authentically restored with period furnishings, the original fireplaces, and painted with colors that reflect what was popular at the time. The house acts as a living museum with employees in period dress inhabiting the home. You can see authentic cooking techniques being implemented in the kitchen and here political discussion in the parlor as if you are actually experiencing what it was like to visit the house at the time. The Benjamin Stephenson House serves as a reflection on all the people that used it. Benjamin Stephenson owned slaves and the museum is dedicated to sharing their history as well a somber reminder of the realities of the time.

The 1820 Colonel Benjamin Stephenson House is a historical landmark for Illinois and Edwardsville Area. This living museum can provide its guest with an authentic and timely look into what life was like during the era on how the political and cultural sphere of then can reflect back on how we live our lives in the modern area. It’s a historical respite for people who are looking for a fun and educational way to connect with Illinois history. To learn more about how you can schedule a visit, you can visit their website at https://stephensonhouse.org/.

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