Yanda Log Cabin

In 1853, William Yanda (1818-1885) and his wife Anna Zeola (1823-1901), who were immigrants from Bohemia, Austria came to settle in the area which was being excavated for its coal reserves. William, who was a blacksmith by trade had built the cabin himself. He and his wife raised a family of ten children in the relatively small dwelling, now known as the Yanda Log Cabin.

The eldest son, Frank Yanda (1846-1912), assumed the position of his father as a blacksmith, traveling and living in the surrounding areas until returning to his “home place” in 1882 with a wife, Anna Benda (1845-1912). A decade later the Village of Glen Carbon would be established after connecting the nearby settlements.

Taking after his father once more, Frank and Anna would bear eleven children whom they raised in the cabin just as William raised his family. An early Mayor of the Village of Glen Carbon and the son of Frank Yanda, Frank Yanda Jr, purchased the cabin from his father. Frank Jr who had no children, died March 7th, 1939.

The Yanda Log Cabin was then sold, renovated, modernized, and sold a few more times until the lands it was founded upon were purchased by the Village of Glen Carbon, along with the now modernized home that masked the rustic originality beneath its walls.

When discovered over a hundred years after its construction, the cabin at the heart of the dwelling was unmasked. Renovations to restore it to its original glory began in 1989 and concluded in perfect time to harmonize with the June 1992 Village of Glen Carbon Centennial Celebration, where the cabin welcomed visitors.

Today the magnificent Yanda Log Cabin stands the test of time after more than a hundred and sixty years; longer than Glen Carbon has been an established village! It is the designated satellite center for a nationally recognized historical monument; the nearby Village of Glen Carbon Heritage Museum.

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