Watershed Nature Center

If you’re looking for an opportunity to connect with nature in the city of Edwardsville, you can’t do much better than the Watershed Nature Center. The Watershed Nature Center is home to 50 acres of wetland, woodland, and grassland habitats that hold a variety of activities that anyone with an eye for nature and a sense of adventure can enjoy. The Center is proud to feature a selection of paved hiking trails along with a raised marsh walk and a welcome center that can provide all the information you will need when visiting the Watershed Nature Center.

The Watershed is owned by the city of Edwardsville and is managed by the non-profit Nature Preserve Foundation. Watershed Nature Center is able to operate due to the combined effort of volunteers, donors, partners, sponsors, and of course, the visitors it receives on a daily basis. When the visitor center is open, it is a hub for educational activities and classes that can help inspire an appreciation and fascination with nature for a young mind. And the trails are always open to the public year round and from morning to night. That way it will always be the right time to go out exploring into nature.

The biggest goal of the Watershed Nature Center is to bring the wonder of nature to the Edwardsville community and the surrounding area. They achieve this goal by providing environmental education, outdoor recreation, and the enjoyment of native habitats for the local community that can be passed on from generation to generation. The Watershed Nature Center is dedicated to improving all the time and it does so through the help of volunteers and donations.

If you are looking for a way to experience nature first hand through the efforts of a non-profit organization that puts community first, you should consider giving a visit to the Watershed Nature Center. It’s an integral part of the Edwardsville community and an essential destination for anyone with a love of nature. You can learn more about all of what the Watershed Nature Center has to offer by visiting their website at http://www.watershednaturecenter.org/.

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