Village Hall Park

Located behind the Village Hall on North Main Street sits the popular Village Hall Park on 3 acres of land. This park is the primary area for sports in the local area, there is a sports and recreational complex that serves the community. Among the sports that are played here is baseball, with a little league team that plays on the Village Hall field.

A popular location among the local residents, the Village Hall Park is the primary gathering place for activities in Glen Carbon. A group of Village moms were the force behind the construction of one of the park’s best attractions. The Little Folks Playground was built as a place for kids to play when there were sporting events at the park.

The playground project was the recipient of a Bright Ideas grant from Illinois Power. This grant helped to fund the project and create a safe place for young children to play when they visited the park. The park is a great place for families to spend the day.

Whether people are visiting for sporting events or just a day out, the park welcomes all. Alongside the Little Folks Playground, there is a lighted baseball field, a concession stand, comfort stations, and sheltered pavilions. There is plenty to do here if you are meeting family, friends, or going for a stroll.

The Village Hall Park can be easily accessed through North Main Street, it can be found behind the Village Hall and near the Police Station. Parking can be found nearby or along the residential roads in the area.

The Village Hall Park is the beating heart of Glen Carbons sports and recreational activities. The area is full of life and there’s plenty to do for the whole family. A trip to Village Hall Park is an essential part of the Glen Carbon experience.

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