Troy Produce Patch

For anyone hoping to support local businesses, the Troy Produce Patch is a gem. April and Andy opened the produce stand in 2018 as a continuation of Andy’s family tradition. The Troy Produce Patch is open 7 days a week at the intersection of Rt 162 and Rt 40 in Troy, IL.

The Troy Produce Patch isn’t just a produce stand, it’s a specialty grocery, local agriculture distributor, and community treasure.

Supporting Local Growers at Troy Produce Patch

Not only is the produce stand locally owned and run, so are most of the farmers who supply the stand. In-season produce and “extras” like jams, pickles, and salsas all come from growers in Missouri, Illinois, or Georgia. The stand buys directly from a network of about 40 farms and growers.

Amish Goods

The produce stand works directly with an Amish group in Camdenton, Missouri. The group supplies the stand with about 50 kinds of jelly and jam. Andy also boasts that the group makes the best rock candy and ribbon candy around.

Roasted Coffee

Troy Produce Patch proudly distributes locally roasted coffee and chocolate from Kazoo Roasting Co. You’ll find whole bean coffee that is organic and supports ethical growers. You’ll also find sweet treats like cocoa nib caramels.

Year-Round Goods

Of course, the summer is the peak season for any farm or produce stand, but the Troy Produce Patch has goodies all year round. Canned and preserved produce is always available as well as seasonal goods. The stand offers spring flowers, fall pumpkins, and Christmas trees.

Spring Plant Starts

For the home gardener, the Troy Produce Patch is an incredible resource. The staff consists of certified master gardeners and industry veterans who know their plants root to fruit. You’ll find three dozen heirloom tomato varieties, herbs, ferns, flowers, hanging baskets, and more at Troy Produce Patch.

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