Mersinger Cabin

Located in the Bud Kaustermeier City Park, the Mersinger Cabin is a unique historical attraction. The Troy Historical Society acts as caretakers and welcomes visitors to the cabin. The Mersinger Cabin is open for viewing on the 3rd Sunday of every month from April to October.

The Original Mersinger Cabin

No one is entirely sure of when the original cabin was built. James Watt purchased the land from U.S. Government in 1838. Frederich Mersinger purchased the property in 1859 and stayed in the original cabin. In 1880 the Mersinger family expanded the cabin. They built a larger, more modern wood home around it and removed the original walls.

First Relocation

The original log cabin was discovered in 1977 by the Mersinger family. They donated it to the Madison County Historical Society which reassembled the cabin at the Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville. In 1999 the university made plans to destroy the cabin because they could no longer afford to maintain it.

Troy Historical Society Acquisition

In 2001, the Troy Historical Society secured the cabin and moved it to its current location. The cabin was reassembled in 2002 and still stands today.

Educational Programs

Today the Troy Historical Society offers educational programs and tours of the Mersinger Cabin.


Tours of the Mersinger Cabin are available from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm on the 3rd Sunday of every month from April to October. Tours are also available by appointment for students or anyone interested in local history.

Historic Downtown Walking Tour

In conjunction with an Eagle Scout project, the society developed a walking tour of historic Downtown Troy, IL. The sites are identifiable by a special tour sticker on a yard sign or in a window. This sticker features a drawing of the Mersinger Cabin. A map and brochure are available from the Troy Historical Society.

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