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HomeOwners Insurance

Hosto Insurance provides Home Insurance from multiple insurance providers

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Renters Insurance

Hosto Insurance provides Renters Insurance from multiple insurance providers

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Flood Insurance

Hosto Insurance provides Flood Insurance so that you can get out an play

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Hosto Insurance provides Earthquake insurance so that you can enjoy the outdoors

Neighbors Caring For Neighbors

You would keep your family safe at any cost. That’s why your neighbors at Hosto Financial & Insurance Services make sure that when the unexpected happens you haven’t broken the bank. Offering 30 years of expertise to make sure you connect with the coverage you need for a price you can afford. We’re your neighbor. Literally. We care because Edwardsville and the surrounding area has been our home since we were born! We got you covered.

Your home is likely the most valuable asset you’ll invest in. You wouldn’t ball up the value of your home and shove it aimlessly into your pocket, would you? Neither would we! Let us assist you in making every dollar of that investment protected with a property insurance policy that best suits you and your needs. We offer policies in regards to homeowners, and renters that vary depending on your needs, but can include flood, fire, liability health, and personal property insurance. We can also make sure you’re never without custom coverage by building an umbrella policy to fit your exact needs. 

What Property Insurance Best Suits Your Need?

Many details can cloud the structure of a good property insurance policy. Not to say that the details are irrelevant but they can be explained in a way that makes sense. That way you’re never paying for what you don’t need. Also if you need something, you can be certain it’s included! For a full understanding of what we offer, don’t be a stranger; stop in or call to speak with us about what matters most to you!

Homeowners Insurance

We can help you cover your home or condo at a reasonable rate with a custom homeowners insurance policy that will keep you and your family comfortable when you need it the most. This can cover your family and others, as well as your family’s personal belongings. Coverage may include protection for medical expenses, should an accident happen on your property and the person wants to sue. You may also find additional coverage if you rent out your home to others.

Renters Insurance

A typical renters insurance policy covers belongings, but can also cover any damages to the property that may be incurred while living as a tenant. 

Flood Insurance

Homeowners insurance doesn’t cover flooding in most policies. Since Illinois has been known to see some pretty heavy rainfalls, it’s in your best interest to consider a policy that includes this type of coverage. Flood policies cover two things: buildings, and contents. This type of policy stops at the foundation. Meaning that it doesn’t cover the land itself. 

Umbrella Insurance

These are some of the best property insurance policies you can be covered by. They offer additional layers of protection that can overlap to safeguard the others. So if your policy on your home lapses, the umbrella can keep it protected for a time until you get your policy back on track!

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