Greenspace North Park

Greenspace North Park is a 34-acre conservation area in Glen Carbon, IL officially dedicated in October 2007. It is located just across the street from the Glen Carbon Village Hall. Glen Carbon was ahead of the curve in 2007 and now green spaces are increasingly valued by many communities. Greenspace North is picturesque, with trees, grassland, and a lake. The park also features a wooden bridge and several posted trail maps.

The Glen Carbon Heritage Bike Trail passes through Greenspace North, adding to its community appeal. The park also features public parking, handicap parking access, dedicated walking and biking trails, and access to the Madison County Transit Nickel Plate Bike Trail.


The Greenspace North Walking Trail meanders through the woods. It is a paved 2-mile loop trail and is suitable for all users, including children and strollers. The trail was developed thoughtfully and features benches and shade ports at various points along the loop.

There are waypoints to mark the steepest portions of the trail in both directions. Trail users with mobility equipment may need extra assistance at these points. Alternatively, walkers looking for an accessible hike can use the paved trailhead at the public parking lot and turn around at the waypoint.

Walkers looking for information about the wildlife living in the conservation area can use the Walking Trails Nature Guide. The self-guided tour brochure contains information corresponding to numbered posts along the trail.


Greenspace North Park is accessible to bikes at two points: the Madison County Transit Nickel Plate Bike Trail on the west side of the park, and the public parking lot on the southeast corner of the park. Cyclists can use the public parking access point and start their ride by heading through the park past the lake. They can either turn back at the park limits or continue across a bridge to the Nickel Plate Bike Trail.

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