Edwardsville Township Community Park

Are you looking for a unique park experience in the city of Edwardsville, IL? Then the Edwardsville Township Community Park, otherwise known as Airplane Park, might be something you will want to check out. The Edwardsville Parks and Recreation Department prides itself on providing unique and comprehensive park experience for people in Edwardsville and the surrounding community, and Airplane Park is no exception to this rule. This park has become a great asset of the community due to its innovative features and the fascinating history of its main feature.

The park is commonly known as Airplane Park due to the military aircraft that is displayed at the park. This aircraft is an LTV A-7 Corsair II Naval Aircraft that holds its own rich history. The aircraft was mainly used in the Vietnam War and it officially completed its service for the Navy with Operation Desert Storm. The aircraft is on loan to the park from the National Museum of Naval Aviation at Pensacola Florida and it has remained a great point of fascination for visitors of the park both young and old.

The Edwardsville Township Community park also provides a wide array of park features including a variety of playgrounds that kids of different ages can enjoy. This includes the Boundless Playground that is specifically designed to be inclusive towards disabled children so all children can play in an exciting and nurturing environment. And many of the electronic features, from the phone charging ports to the restrooms, are powered through solar energy, making Township a very forward thinking park.

When it comes to a park experience in Edwardsville, you can get much better than Edwardsville Township Community Park. This is a park that can spark the imagination of children and provide a space for kids of all kinds to learn and have fun in the backdrop of a naval aircraft. To learn more about the park and hours of operation you can visit their website at https://edwardsvilletownship.com/township-park/.

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