Drost Park in Troy

Looking for a Beautiful Getaway? Take Time Out at Drost Park in Troy, IL

Sometimes, the most beautiful and relaxing places are just outside our front door. If you live in the Troy, Illinois area, or if you’re planning on passing through, take an afternoon to enjoy the nature and unique facilities of Drost Park.
Unlike other local parks, Drost Park offers a startlingly massive space. Spanning across it, there are various features that provide relaxation and fun for the whole family.
Do you enjoy spending time lakeside? A seven-acre lake provides stunning views and fills the air with a crisp freshness. Looking to go walking in nature, or to get some exercise? Three miles of asphalt walking trails provide a trek through nature. Want to take the whole family for a picnic? Everything that you need is ready for you: Barbecue grills, picnic tables, shade, and benches. There are restroom facilities as well, so you don’t need to worry about having to leave to find a bathroom.
For your little ones, a full playground is offered, filled with fun areas to climb and play.
At the lake, you can not only swim and relax but also take advantage of the facilities for boating. There is a boat ramp at your disposal. Note that only boats with trolling electric motors are allowed on the lake (no gas-powered motors, please). If you love to go fishing, Drost is the place to be! You’ll need your fishing license, and be sure to check up on fish size requirements since this is enforced at the park.
No matter your interest, reaching Drost Park in Troy, Illinois is straightforward. You can get there via Myron Provence Parkway off Schiber Court, via Parkway Drive off of East Main Street, or from East Division Street, just behind the Village Hall.

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