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What Will Car Insurance Cover?

If you are shopping for auto insurance, you may be wondering: “what will car insurance cover?’ A car insurance policy is made up of different coverages, some of which are required by law in Illinois. Others are optional but you may wish to include them to ensure you are protected against any accidents. Illinois is what’s known as a fault car accident state which means that the person at fault for the accident is liable for the compensation.

The minimum requirement for car insurance cover in Illinois is having liability insurance. Uninsured motorist coverage is automatically a part of the liability coverage policy when related to bodily injury. You may want to add additional policies such as comprehensive cover, collision coverage. or personal injury protection. 

Liability Coverage

This is the minimum you must get in the state and this covers you against third party costs. You will be covered for property damage and medical bills incurred by other drivers, passengers, or bystanders. 

At a minimum, your insurance will cover $25,000 for the injury or death of another person during an accident you caused. $50,000 to cover all injuries and/r deaths during an accident you caused. Also, $20,000 for any damage you cause to the property of another person. 

You will be responsible for the costs that exceed your policy limit. However, you will be able to negotiate higher limits when you take out your policy. This can help you be better covered in the event of any serious accidents. 

Comprehensive Cover

Although not a mandatory requirement, you may wish to add comprehensive coverage to your car insurance cover policy. This will cover you against repairs to your vehicle if physical damage has occurred from a non-collision accident. This includes things like fire, contact with animals, theft, and vandalism.

Collision Cover

This is the type of cover that will protect you in the case of any serious road accidents involving another car. If you just take out liability insurance then your insurer will only cover claims made by the third party. You will be on the hook for your own repair expenses unless you take out collision cover.

Personal Injury Protection

Personal injury protection (PIP) is an optional policy that you can take out to help cover any medical bills or lost wages incurred by yourself. This type of insurance will even come into effect if the accident was your own fault. There are a range of limits to your car insurance cover and how much your insurer will payout.

Uninsured Motorist Cover Dealing With Property Damage

While bodily injury is covered as a part of your liability coverage in Illinois, you’ll need to opt-in for cover against property damage. This will help to cover any repair fees incurred as the result of an uninsured or underinsured motorist.


What additional policies you take out is up to you, depending on how covered you wish to be. Road accidents can be very costly and liability insurance alone does not cover all possible fees. Consider adding more car insurance cover if it suits your needs, and you can increase your limits if you want to as well.

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