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Bundling Your Home & Auto Insurance in the New Year

The new year brings new opportunities as well as uncertainties. That is why insurance is so important. If you feel burnt out from your multiple insurance plans, it may be time for you to consider bundling your home and auto insurance in 2022.

Bundling is more than just throwing on a scarf in this winter weather; bundling is the decision to buy home and auto insurance from the same insurance company rather than separate ones.

But why? Why would you want to consider bundling your home and auto insurance plans? We’ve compiled a list of benefits that come with deciding to bundle your plans in the new year.

Special Discounts: Insurance companies tend to offer greater discounts to clients that bundle their home and auto insurance. Every company provides a different offer, so it is important to look into which works best for you. This process can be tricky to achieve on your own because certain companies make it seem like you are saving money, when there may be a better deal available. But Hosto is here to help. Just call Hosto or fill out our request form to get in touch with an agent who will then do the hard work for you. Based on your coverage and budget needs, the agent will pull quotes from a variety of companies to help you get the best deal in the easiest way.

Simplified Bills & Deductibles: Bundling your home and auto insurance ensures an overall convenient interaction with your insurance company. With bundled insurance, your bills are easier to manage because they are streamlined. This helps you remain on top of your payments and avoid late fees to your best ability. Paying deductibles is also easier to manage when your home and auto insurance is bundled. If both your home and vehicle get damaged from the same incident, you receive one deductible when your insurance is bundled as opposed to multiple deductibles to manage when an accident happens.

Concise Policies: Keeping track of policies can get messy when paying for insurance through separate companies. Paperwork can get lost and deadlines can be overlooked. By bundling your insurance plans, you can easily keep track of multiple policies and remain organized when it is time to renew them. When it comes to insurance, the last thing you want to do is scramble while managing multiple plans. Allow yourself to relax this year and choose to bundle your home and auto insurance.

Loyalty Creates Security: With any business, you get a sense of security or appreciation for remaining a loyal customer. By having multiple insurance plans with the same company, you show your loyalty. This creates a security blanket for you and decreases your chances of getting dropped by your insurance company. This is an important aspect to consider when deciding to bundle your plans or not.

Overall, there are multiple benefits to bundling your home and auto insurance. For many, the process can be overwhelming or even confusing, but that is why Hosto is here.

If you value security with your insurance provider, it is time to consider bundling your home and auto insurance plans in 2022. The best part is that you don’t have to do it alone. If you have any questions or want to get in touch with an agent, call our office at (618) 779-5808 and we will stay in touch to meet your needs.

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