Bobby’s Frozen Custard: A Sweet and Unique Treat

Are you looking for a delectable, sweet treat for yourself and perhaps for the whole family, and also want to inspire your kids with something new? Perhaps you’re looking to celebrate a birthday, or get together with old friends? Forget about traditional ice cream and pay a visit instead to Bobby’s Frozen Custard shop in Troy, IL.

Cold and delicious, the unique custard treat is lovingly made. How is it done? Sweet custard is poured into an icy barrel. Thereafter, it’s pressed downward through a funnel machine. It’s then poured down a frozen slide, into your very own container. It is served fresh and tastes delicious.

There are plenty of variations of this delicacy to please every palate. Do you adore both chocolate and vanilla? At Bobby’s, you don’t need to settle for just one! Try the “Vanilla and Chocolate Original Frozen Custard.” Now that it’s summer, are you trying to keep in shape, and don’t want a dessert that’s too heavy on the stomach? No problem! You can order from the various flavors in the “Low Fat Lite and Low Carb” selection. There’s even a “Vanilla Lite,” for example, that is 98% fat-free!

Bobby’s Frozen Custard in Troy, IL offers both takeout and sit-down options, along with a full menu. Get your kids involved in Bobby’s Turtle Club for children. There’s fun for all ages, too: Adults can enjoy a range of unique events at the shop, including live music.

When to Visit Bobby’s Frozen Custard

If you’re looking for a sweet treat in Illinois, check out Bobby’s Frozen Custard for all the fun you need: sweet treats, healthy alternatives, and fun for kids and adults. The shop is located at 2525 North Center Street in Illinois. Opening hours are Sunday through Thursday from 11:30 am to 10 pm and Friday and Saturday from 11:30 am to 10:30 pm.

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